One Smile for All Smile

【Smile Club’s Dream】
Very athletic one and not athletic one,
Disabilities and not disabilities,
Children and adults,
Asians and people around the world,
“One’s smile becomes smile for all,
All the people’s smile becomes smile for one
Through sports.”
This is Smile Club’s dream, and let’s dream together with us!!

【About US】
Company Name : Non-Profit Corporation SmileClub
HQ Address : Toyogami-cho 23-29, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan,
Postal Code : 277-0858
President : Atsuko Ohama
Established : December, 2000

History :

-1998 Opening of school for children with disabilities
-2000 Certified as Nonprofit Corporation by Chiba prefecture.
Exercise classes for disabled children started.
-2001 Comprehensive community sports club started.
-2005 Ibaraki branch office in Mito City opening.
-2006 Assistance for physical education classes in elementary
schools started collaborating with Kashiwa City.
-2010 Yokohama branch office in Yokohama City opened.
-2011 Kumamoto branch office in Kumamoto City opened.
-2014 Yamaguchi branch office in Yamaguchi City opened.
-2015 Personal exercise classes for children with developmental disabilities started.

Major Business

#1 Adapted sports school
– Sports Class for disabled children and adults
#2 Individual sports school
– For children with developmental disabilities
#3 Sports classes
– Volleyball/Basketball/Badminton
#4 Promotion of Paralympic sports
– Wheelchair Badminton and Sitting Volleyball
#5 Senior wellness school
– Light exercise for senior citizens, “Smile Go”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.